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Vacancy – Data Collectors needed for Animal Welfare Research


One Health and Development Initiative (OHDI) is a nonprofit organization that works to promote education, advocacy, and solutions to correlated issues of human, animal, and environmental health using the integrated “One Health” approach. Our mission is rooted in the belief that public health and development issues are intertwined across the human, animal, and environmental ecosystems thereby requiring a holistic approach to effective and sustainable solutions. 

We have just begun the implementation of the Project Aquaculture welfare Research (AQWR) under our Animal welfare work area – the project seeks to evaluate aquaculture welfare knowledge and practices among stakeholders in Nigeria to support the design and implementation of effective interventions. 

Therefore, we are seeking Data Collectors that would facilitate the project’s data collection  process and support research documentation over the short-term research period. Applicants must be willing to commit to a period of 4 to 6 weeks wherein training and conducting of data collection activities will take place. 




All data collectors will be provided with a stipulated remuneration and a transportation stipend.


All data collected, field tools and other deliverables of the study shall remain the property of One Health and Development Initiative (OHDI) during and after the contract implementation period and shall under no circumstance whatsoever, be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of the organization. Non-disclosure agreement shall be entered into as deemed appropriate.

Deadline for application is July 31, 2022


Fill and Submit this form to make an application. 

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