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Collaborative Roles of Human and Veterinary Medical Professions to Zoonoses Control

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  1. You have said it all, we need to collaborates, to share idea’s on the most effective & efficient protocols in mitigating the spreads & management of the zoonotics diseases

  2. Thank you Dr Khan, she is a true leader and have potential to carry one Health Mission and Goals to the promised learned…….

    The Role and / Place of Veterinarians in One Health Globally

    One Health has been defined many ways. At its core, One Health fosters a collaborative approach to issues that intersect human, animal and environmental health.
    One Health is a multisectoral and collaborative approach with the aim of achieving maximal human, animal and environmental health outcomes. This is possible by working at different levels such as local, regional, national and global levels. It has been recognized by One Health concept that people’s health is connected to animal’s health as well as the environment. Therefore, the principal actors are the veterinarians, Physicians and ecologists. The whole idea is to learn and focus on how diseases spread among humans, animals and the environment.
    Although One Health is not a new concept, it has become more important in recent years. Interactions among people, animals, and the environment continue to change.The expansion of human and animal populations, changes in climate and land use, and increased international travel and trade provide opportunities for disease spread.
    Most veterinarians contribute, directly or indirectly, to public health goals and outcomes. Veterinary public health contributions can be categorized into six core domains, described below.
    Diagnosis, Surveillance, Epidemiology, Control, Prevention, and Elimination of Zoonotic Diseases,
    Management of Health Aspects of Laboratory Animal Facilities and Diagnostic Laboratories,
    Biomedical Research,
    Health Education and Extension,
    Production and Control of Biologic Products and Medical Devices,
    Government/Legislative Activity.

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