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AU-IBAR Consultancy on Animal Production and Regional Livestock Value Chains


AU-IBAR within the scope of its mandate, and with the overall objective to enhance the information and knowledge management capacity of the Member States and Regional Economic Communities to swiftly respond to disease emergencies and to properly plan interventions in animal production, marketing and trade as well as to attract investment into the sub-sector has developed the Animal Resources Information System (ARIS). ARIS was initially developed in 2000 as the “PACE Integrated Database” (PID) to facilitate animal resource information sharing as a component of the Pan-African Programme for the Control of Epizootics (PACE) project. The need for evidence-based, high-quality, and timely information on animal resources for planning, decision making, and monitoring of the animal resource subsector has become ever more relevant.

Since the introduction of ARIS in 2002, there has been an enhancement of the capacity of members in data collection, analysis, and reporting. However, there were challenges with regards to the scope of coverage and technical quality of the reports from the Member States. Some of these flaws in data quality are being addressed from ARIS 2 with the introduction of special features that improve data quality and allow validation of reports within modules before submission. In terms of operationalization of ARIS, Member States were trained and have tested Animal Health data transmission through successive administrative levels using the system from the sub-national, national, regional, and continental levels. However, in terms of actual operationalization and reporting on Animal Production (including Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Bees), few Member States have so far not used the system to send data to AU-IBAR. The Animal Production modules in ARIS are yet to be populated, fully utilized, and reported on; with relevant data and information drawn from the Member States, thus fulfilling its function. Based on the above, AU-IBAR is seeking the services of a consultant to support the review of ARIS modules under Animal Production and Regional Livestock Value Chains Themes.



The assignment will be undertaken in a total period of 3 months. There will be no field activities associated with the completion of this assignment.

Application Deadline is Friday, 23 April 2021 – 15:00

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