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2022 Africa Conservation Award

The African conservation awards is an annual celebration to recognise the brave men and women across Africa who play a vital role in protecting our endangered species and in doing so raise awareness of their amazing work. 


Dr Larry Hansen, and Miss Xiaoyang Yu, founded the Rhino Conservation Awards in 2011 alongside the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa to recognize significant role players involved in rhino conservation in response to the poaching onslaught that Africa’s rhinos were facing. In 2022 the awards were relaunched as the African Conservation Awards to ensure rangers and conservation supporters working with other species were included. The awards are once again made possible with the support of sponsors CNEI, endorsed by the South African Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment.

The primary objective of the awards therefore remains giving recognition to the leading role players in African conservation and in doing so raise awareness of their work. 

The African Conservation Awards welcome members of the public, non-profits, individuals within conservation organisations and governmental entities across Africa to submit their nominations for these prestigious awards to recognise outstanding conservation work in their sector. 

Nominations for the African Conservation Awards 2022 officially opened under the following four categories:

NOTE: Nominate someone who deserves recognition for their indispensable role in the amazing conservation work they do.

Application deadline is August 19, 2022.

Click here for more information and application.

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