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Vacancy for Talent and Recruitment Manager at Ambitious Impact

vacancy for talent and recruitment manager at ambitious impact

Application Deadline: June 14, 2024

Ambitious Impact (AIM), formerly Charity Entrepreneurship (CE), is an organisation running training and incubation programmes for high-impact career paths. Since 2018, AIM’s main Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme has helped 72 talented individuals from all over the world launch 5-10 high-impact nonprofits every year. These charities work on a diverse range of issues, from childhood lead poisoning to farmed fish welfare, and are currently improving the lives of 35 million people worldwide. AIM has recently developed new programmes supporting talented individuals to take up other impactful careers, including grantmaking, nonprofit research, and for-profit entrepreneurship.

The Recruitment Manager will focus on:

  • Vetting multi-stage application processes (application forms, test tasks, interviews, and psychometrics).
  • Improving and adjusting AIM’s processes (e.g., coming up with predictive interview questions for new job roles; improving existing questions and tasks on the basis of the data collected).
  • Developing and formalising a deep understanding of what traits, motivations, and personality types will be successful in different kinds of career paths and roles.
  • (if interested and a strong fit) Working with our outreach team to develop and execute marketing strategies that speak to the right people, inform them about our supported career paths, and help them apply.
  • (if interested and a strong fit) Managing or co-managing the recruitment team.

An ideal candidate must be:

  • Interested in human performance evaluation.
  • Passionate about quickly learning new skills.
  • Highly impact-driven, with a very strong work ethic. 
  • Able to work in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment.
  • Has an intuitive understanding of how different people work and what makes them tick.
  • Strong psychological understanding of people.
  • Able to evaluate people critically.
  • A natural at reading people and understanding them.
  • Excited and willing to work across the cause areas (animal advocacy, global health, effective altruism, mental health, and family planning) and career paths (nonprofit entrepreneurship, research, effective giving fundraising, and for-profit entrepreneurship), the programme focuses on 
  • Able to move to and work from our London office at least 2 days per week (exceptions may be made for excellent applicants who do not meet this criterion).
  • Able to work flexibly and collaboratively in a small team and have a positive influence on the teams they work in and around.
  • Results-oriented, with a consequentialist mindset, and a love of high levels of intellectual challenge 
  • Comfortable with prioritisation, numerical quantification, and simple spreadsheet calculations—or excited to learn these.
  • Able to work both autonomously and in a small team.
  • Excited to work in this role and feels as though it could be a great fit.
  • Interested in growing at and with AIM long-term.

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